Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't you think when you see something live its feel more good?

Flight Facilities ( no picture sadly ) & Two Door Cinema Club ( 15 February 2011 )

Fart East Movement ( 15 march 2011 )

The Whitest Boy Alive & MGMT ( 26 March 2011 )

The Drums ( 25 May 2011 )

    In 2011 , I spent all my money more to watch a concert than buying cloths, cd, movie or magazine. I don't know why suddenly all the bands that I love decided to come to my beautiful country ( Jakarta ), and of course make some show here too. Which mean bring a lot happiness to me but bring sadness to my money , but its really really worth it. All picture taken by me using my BlackBerry cellphone, I know its not a good quality and sorry about that, I try to edit some of the picture but I'm not an expert and I love the real feeling of the photos so I decide not to, so those some of the photos from the concert that I watch , hopefully I get more chance to see more bands :) xxx

P.S : Right now I'm really busy trying to finish my packing for a trip that I can't wait anymore!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

" You're just some incapable figure thinking you're bigger than me, but you're not "

Haters just gonna hate always. So I present you my Fuck Mustache .

PS : thank you for Danny I know who the photographer from my post below , its Kevin Tachman and his amazing.