Monday, May 25, 2009

All I really want to do

(source : tfs)

so I had 6 days to go for finish my test , 6 DAYS!!!!! I could be so CRAZY right know. Anyway all thank you for bob dylan, cause the whole day on my day test, I listen/watch bob dylan songs & video, and it's really give more courage and confident for my test. sadly I got to many eating food and snack, that's really really bad for me :(

anyway tomorrow I get math test, which I hated so bad, as you can see I'm not study and write this blog lol, but I will study after this, cause I don't want to be compeletely blank on my test tomorrow. so guys! wish me luck :)

what I hear right now? > Bob dylan - I want you ( I want you, bob lol )

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May Gloom

that's my felling for my tomorrow test :(
wish me luck

Friday, May 22, 2009

just stare me

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I know people couldn't read someoe mind just from see their eye's, but if they could.... would my world be better? I guess not

what I hear? > nirvana - smells like teens spirit

what is revenge ?

I just watch this movie on tv, This a second time I watch that movie and I still love that film until now, that movie make me cry today. But still something inside not really fell better at all.

what I hear ? > Oasis - little by little (fit for me today)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gossip Girl

okay, finally my sis bought the new episode of gossip girl, and I just done watching one episode, it's really becoming very interesting to watch, actually I curious about taylor momsen ( jenny ), how she is? how her style? cause I know she great and she have a really fit style to me, I just love her!.

anyway tomorrow I go to get my hair cut, only my bangs who already very long and close my eye's, I actually love my hair, but it's really amused me so bad if I walk or writing something, so I'm only cut a little I guess. just see tomorrow :).

what I hear ? : arctic monkeys - the bad thing

cobrasnake & hamburger

(picture : )

he always knew how make a great shirt
love you mark :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


OMG!! that's the new cover of NME magazine ( which not apper at indonesian, sad thing ), okay I don't say I don't like arctic monkeys, I do like them very much!. But for this cover , it just make me shock!! It's like a bot band or something like that ( get kick by arctic monkeys fans ). I used to like alex hair when his fans don't like that hair, but with jamie (gitarist) and Nick ( the basssist) have the same hair it's make me feel, want to puke, jamie what happen to you with that mustache!!! and Nick, well you look good with the hair lol xDD
matt ( drummer ) you don't change at all, good for that :Db

anyway I'm waiting for their new album, hope their song not change like the member lol
and I'm feel sorry for alex, for his brown bag get stolen , inside the bag got everything that he need + their new songs for their new album, just hope arctic monkeys still keep going, c'mon alex!! write again!!! LOL

P.S : the one who stole alex bag, you will get A BAD KARMA FROM ALEX FANS LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're two parties

they just look good together
alison always be my icons girl

continue (about lissy trullie )

there was some kind error, okay continue picture :

I'm about to post a new video of lissy trullie, but it's failed. so I give you a link,
maybe you want to see ( just see, yo will love her lol ) > Lissy Trullie - boy boy ( official)

Lissy Trullie is a band, but she use her name for her own band, she still indie ( I guees)
but she already well know right now, expecially for people who like fashion, I'm sure
you know her. she have a really good voice, well kind of heavy voice, but cool. her styl
also great, she always used black punk leather jacket ( I want one!!) where ever she go.
she friends with cory kennedy, adam green, the virgins (love them), mark rhonson, peaches geldof,
and lots of famous people ( in fashion & music).here some picture :

Friday, May 15, 2009

you have a stare that could kill me

okay, I got a fever, not really sure already better or not, I just hope I recover soon cause I don't like to be sick ( no one like it ). I haven't doing any photography this lately, so Idk what I want to post. oh right! finally make a face off Keira Knightley vs Diane Kruger, I adore Keira, she really have a different style for a big star :3. she also a great movie star for me. here some picture of her :

last :

she just lovely <333

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

search & destroy

so I haven't update lately, sorry. so many event for this month, and I just finish with my mom birthday party which turn out to be a great days to me :). And I got a little photograph lesson from my cousin too. FINALLY I get yeah yeah yeahs new album, it's blitz!. all of the song is really awesome it's really yeah yeah YEAHS!!! LOL

(this the cover of the album)

the list of the songs :
1. zero
2. heads will roll
3. soft shock
4. skeletons
5. dull life
6. shame and fortune
7. runaway
8. dragon queen
9. hysteric
10. little shadow

buy their album, you won't regret it! lol

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't forget my cigarette and take something that we can trade

last week I had fun at PIM, even I had a little fight with my dad ( always ). and I see at the music store there yeah yeah yeahs new album, but I didn't sure that the album cause the cover is really simple, just a white background and a hand who hold an egg that already been smash to the floor lol ( I can't explain correctly I guess ), so I just gonna check at their website after I post this.

I write this on 2 am (which in my country is almost morning ), I'm waiting for my photo being upload by photobucket, it's sure take a long time.

I'm still having a problem with the
cause I'm still don't know which one is the best? my blogger friends said that John casablanca is the best, but I read somewhere in google that the modeling school had been tear down ( already gone ), but I'm not quite sure that's true I haven't check yet. so I still need help here.

I post the picture as fast as I could

what I hear? > the strokes - you only live once

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Send him away

Irina lazareanu

my idea to make a mustache in my sis finger, and it's look so funny xD

Saturday, May 2, 2009

keep it simple and play with the vest

where ? : at grand Indonesia mall, in front of topman store
wear ? : fedora hat from zara, black tank top from somewhere in singapore, white tee from kamiseta, bag from zara, black vest from zara, shoes from pull and bear, and of course ipod.
what I listen ? : Lissy Trullie - Money

Friday, May 1, 2009

found the key

(pic from : cobrasnake)

what a funny sticker , I want one.

ooh she the kind of the girl

(all pic from : tfs)

valentine fillol cordier, love her so much.