Saturday, September 24, 2011

A thought of Viktor

  Inspiration for today went down to the amazing photographer Viktor Vauthier. I've been following him since I'm not really sure when but its already a long time ago. And he still amazingly success to make me keep lurking around his blog. 

( I just can't stop listen to this song )

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

London Bridge Falling Down









I bought a really cool hat at H&M 






I'm wearing : Fedora hat Zara, Handle with scare tank top Monstore , Legging Topshop



The bridge not falling down so don't worry about it. Remember I told you that I've got trip to London for my University Project . Those are the picture from the first day I'm in London. I go to London with fast train from New Castle , sitting there for quite a long time , but I'm very enjoy it cause the view its pretty . When I finally arrive at London, I saw a millions of people's there. The first thing that caught my eye's is there is an old lady standing there with her dog while smoking and I don't know why I find her very interesting so I took her picture ( u see above ) . 

Since I haven't eat any lunch , my lecture quickly looking for a restaurant because we all starving. And we end up find a really good one , its was an Italian Restaurant ( if I'm not wrong ) , the food is really amazing and taste very delicious , my favorite will be chicken , salad, and the smash potato , taste amazing. After that we go to Oxford Street which is the place where you want to go shopping , cause every kind of clothing store is there ( Mango, Topshop , Zara, H&M , Urban Outfitter , Etc ) . If you think I go there for shopping then you wrong, I go to there to do my research for Mango store in London , remember its a college trip . Luckily , everything went well and I have quite a lot of time to go and looking around other store . And since we got more time we visit our last destination for that day , I really forget what the street name but is the place where you could see London Bridge, Big Ben , London Big Eye , and merry go round . The place was really crowded with a bunch of tourist from all over the world I guess, you can't see how crowded it was from my picture tho . Its really fun to be there, just sit, hanging around ,watching the view , look people passing by and taking a lots of picture, the only thing that kinda annoy me is the wind, it was really windy at that time and I almost lost my fedora hat.