Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stella Mccartney for Gap Kid Collection

sourche : facebook
a kids could pose more better than supermodels
isn't that so great & cute?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Day everyone/ facehunter coming.

taken by : my sister

today it's Halloween Day!! so Happy Halloween day everyone!
did you ready to dress up and scared people lol, I really like Halloween, even I'm not celebrating Halloween, I love Halloween. It's fun to see people dressing up with their own imagination , and with their own style of course. Actually My sister and I want to make a party for Halloween day, and I want to invite my best friends cinta for make that party, but then my sister have college to do, cinta at bandung :(, and we have no one to invite too, kinda sad but it's okay to me. so I'm sure that anyone know facehunter right? if you don't know, well he just like us , blogger who really success right now, and his blog has already been listed as one of the good blog for fashion blog. He used to travel around the world/ country to find people who have a great style that could stole his eye's and he will took of picture of them and post to his blog. And right now he will come to Jakarta!! I can't believe this but he did, he will be here at early November, from 1 - 5 November, more information here . I WANTED to see him, I'm sure you want too , right girls? lol, he make a party at Wednesday 4th Nov. @ 9pm 365 Eco Bar (next to Aksara Kemang) Free Entry , more info here . I really really really want to go there and meet him, but I'm not sure I could come , is a school day ( damn you school !! ) and then it's really at night ( which my father won't let me :( ), and plus is a bar , I can't even enter a bar !!! ( yup I can't ) . So I probably couldn't meet him which a nightmare to me , I'm really sad about this, I keep thinking and looking a way to come and met him, c'mon guys! it's once time on my life facehunter will be at Jakarta !!!. So anybody could help me ???

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

freja and baptiste for harpers bazaar by Karl lagerfeld

Tittle : What Glam Now, models : Freja Beha & Baptiste, photographer : Karl Lagerfeld ( of course )

sourche: tumblr

So Mr. Karl use Freja and Baptiste as couple ( again ), you boring to see them again and again? well to me, I'm not!, I love Freja and I adore Mr. Karl so I'm happy that Mr. Karl love Freja.
For those picture, it's just so Karl, his got the way to took a picture that really described him, if you follow his photography, I'm sure you could see just once time and you will know that the photographer is Mr. Karl. I love the four picture , the whole look, the way Freja pose, is just amazing, Black is really suit her.

translation :

jadi mr. Karl menggunakan Freja dan Baptiste sebagai pasangan ( lagi ), kalian bosen melihat mereka lagi dan lagi ? aku tidak!, aku suka Freja dan aku mengagumi Mr. karl jadi aku senang kalo Mr. Karl menyukai Freja. Untuk poto itu, itu sangat Karl, dia mempunyai cara untuk mengambil gambar yang bisa benar - benar mengambarkan dirinya, kalau kalian mengikuti photographynya, aku yakin kau bisa lihat dalam sekali pandang dan kau akan tahu bahwa photographernya adalah Mr, karl.
Aku suka poto nomor empat, semua penampilannya, cara Freja berpose, sangat luar biasa, hitam benar - benar cocok untuknya.

(listening to : kasabian Ladies and gentleman ( roll the dice ) )

one night only ( with you )

introducing you one night only band from Helmsley , England. this band is my fav. songs for this month and fav. Christoper bailey too. They already formed since 2003 and I know them on 2009, isn't that sad?. it's all start when I watch Burberry fashion show on tv, I saw a man who walking with a grumpy face / "blah" face while he was modelling, I'm just like "his funny", and then I start to looking for this man. I love Burberry for such a long time, and I know this man already been used by Christoper Bailey quite a lot's, from the campaign and the fashion show. I'm really interest to him, so I try anything to know about this man. And I found out that his a musician, who have a indie rock band. I found the band name and try to find them at myspace, which I found it.

And now I follow them, their songs is totally great. they got energy that could make people want to listen to them and pay attention to their songs. I'm totally in love with one of their songs, called you & me ( I play this songs like a hundred time ), the lyric not long very simple and just straight to the point of the meaning, it's really great, even the music make me want to jump and sing out loud. Other songs that I like is just for tonight, again the lyric is simple and very easy to understand, but I love it.

they already have one album called started a fire out 2007 - 2008, sadly their album didn't out at my country so I have to work hard to get their songs. inside the album they got 10 songs, including you & me and just for tonight. The album has had a certification of gold in the UK with sales over 100,000, congratulation for them, and now their working on a second album, some of track that I know that will be inside the album are Intention Confidential, A Thousand Dreams, Daydream, Live it up, and This is a Hurricane, I haven't got the songs but I will looking for them. I really wish their second album out at my country, so just pray for it. So good luck for their second album I'll be waiting. xxx

Monday, October 26, 2009

something wrong with tinypic

I can't upload picture right now
tinypic keep error or my internet kind of slow down, Idk
so anyway I found a really good blog that share a result picture from profesional photographer
the results are really amazing, I can't give a words to those picture

translate :
gw gak bisa upload foto sekarang
tinypic error terus atau gak internet gw yang lagi lemot, eggak tahu dah.
dan gw nemuin blog yang bener - bener sangat bagus, blog itu membagikan kita hasil dari photographer profesional
hasil poto nya benar - benar luar biasa, gw gak bisa ngasih kata2 untuk gambar - gambar itu.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pull and Bear Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Look Book

more at : tfs

zippora for lookbook pull & bear , yippi!!
love her so much, of course love the whole collection too.
pull & bear is my second fav. store for shoping
number one will be zara
I really want the whole cloth for picture number, with the hat of course
I've been adoring that kind jacket for a long time but I don't have money :(
for the shoes at this collection, is just perfect, I will hunter one of the shoes.
they look yummy lol

ps : zippora is everywhere, she did pull & bear, lonely heart, mink pink , and other indie brand happy for her :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

hard time follow with the truth

I'm having a hard time for this month
lot's of crying, lot's pain, lot's hurting, lot's trowing my stuff to the ground
and writing my felling on the wall ( and the floor)
I'm having a test month so more stress time
I just finish math test and historical test today
math is hard, I hate math,sorry
historical half easy, well at least I could answer all of the question
but not really sure true or false.
tomorrow I have economic and indonesia languace test
I'm worry with economic, so I will study hard for that.
so I'm sure some of you love you're school life but not to me
I don't love my school at all, probably because I don't have a friend that's really 'clik' with me
but I do have a friends
and the teacher is shit, well ... some of them fine but some of time just a shit.
and I'm not lying about this. is the truth.
anyway I'm just want to quickly finish school and start college
I'm sure it will be hard, but at least I'm free from that school, so pray for me so I could get a good score
everything went well and smooth and the moment I'm waiting for is come , FREE FROM SCHOOL LIFE !!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I have a floating feeling

meghan for TOPSHOP

old picture but I love meghan look here
pale skin, red lips, black nail polish
and punk jacket
folla! you got rock chick :D

Burberry porsum 2010 collection part 2

the cloth for the woman

some picture for the men cloth

*anyone know who his name?*

sourche : tfs

I promise you the whole look of the collection
I have more actually but those picture
is my pick/ my favorite
and for the men I just get some
anyway hope you enjoy :)

Ballad in plain D

scarf LV , shirt unbrand

I have the same scarf like sienna miller
it's belong to my mother
but I can borrow/have it if I want
I will definitely try to use them and mixing with my cloth

another earthquake

earthquake ladies and gentleman,is everyone ok?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Burberry porsum 2010 collection

models with the awesome designer christoper bailey <3

some detail picture of the collection

the coat

very high heels shoe

the bag ( in love with the big one <3>

belt it up!

pic from : tfs

so that's some picture that I found , show it the detail of the collection.
personally I love Burberry and I love christoper bailey
he just such amazing person to me

* great work! *

and for the cloth, with no doubt I said that's really amazing collection
I never been dislike the collection from Burberry
I love his always use a simple color and mixing something that simple
with a really good details on the cloth
and for the coat, he know what the type of the coat that I really want
simple but comfortable and very british
I WILL buy the coat if I have enough money!

I will post the whole look of the runaway later :)