Thursday, July 29, 2010

" today it's your birthday "

I promise myself that I WILL make a post for danny when his birthday, well the special day for my sweet friend danny finally come ! I know I already tweet you but I want to make this post so I make it! once again happy b'day danny , wish you all the best, hope your life is getting better, hope you got a really great presents on your birthday , hope we always be a friends :D. I'm sorry I could only give you this simple post.

and here you birthday cake!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

" don't make her lost control "

shirt joy division unbrand, short denim zara, boot Dr. marten, bag topshop

11 – A photo of you taken recently

me ( and my fav. t-shirt ) and my sister

I introduce you my new friends at pre uni class

me playing with new ray ban glasses

I'm really bad at keep this blog update, I even forget that I was trying this 30 question that I got from carmel, it's here . I already at 11 , which is a photo of me taken recently.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

" come in she said I give you shelter from the storm "

sourche : thecobrasnake

I always found a lots of inspiration from the cobrasnake , I'm absolutely gonna post more picture from him.

" can't help falling in love "

Erin wasson RVCA Fall lookbook
sourche : tfs

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

" I was in the rush and out of luck "

Tati Cotliar
Pic : tfs

I've been trying to post this and keep update this blog but always something bad coming, internet break down, damn.
Anyway I skip my Pre uni class for 3 day now cause I've been sick. My sickness is really annoying , I vomit in one day for 9 times, my friends even say I should put that at book genius record lol. Right now I'm a lots better from before, I'm not vomit at all since I've got medicine from the so good Doctor who check me up inside my car ( I can't barely stand up because I keep vomit ). Right now the medicine left only 2 pack from 3 pack, the Doctor said I'm to tired but I guess I can't help that. Well that's all the news from now , hope all of you had a great days :))

Monday, July 5, 2010

" shut up and just watch "

Alexander Wang in Hi-Deaf from ryan wilson on Vimeo.

Becka Diamond editorial FINAL FINAL from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Alexander Wang Gang - Interview March 2010

Alexander wang behind the scene photo shoot
the song is absolutely amazing.

" Forever young "

Alexander Wang and The Gangs For INTERVIEW magazine
photographer : Mikael Jansson
styling : Karl Templer
sourche : tfs

it's old picture but I never really post them so I post it anyway! beside it's my favorite designer Alexander Wang and the gangs, I like the cloth ( even though some of them not wear one lol ), I love the photo shoot ( freedom to dance ) , the good songs ( I post the video later ), and the people's xxx