Saturday, August 13, 2011

Every sound that I hear its just another inspiration to me

Johnny Flynn - Brown Trout Blues

( I could be somewhere else, I should be someone else, but you wouldn't know me if I was )

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kids 

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks 

You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet )

Caleb Landry Jones - Tachowa place 

( He said " you doing great " , does he chew on a stick conductor of your fate and you think your alive )

Caleb Landry Jones - Warm Sun ( Blue Bird Black Eyes )

 ( You're smile, you're eyes, my heart is satisfied Blue bird, black eyes, perched on the window sill )
Warm sun, uprise, tip-toin' up our sides And how I wish that you were here
You're so close, yet so unclear 

Jonathan Boulet - North to South East To You

Leave all your wars and all your cares  )

Find me and you, my name, but I can't remember you 

Phoenix - Long Distance Call ( Acoustic )

I'm far gone but your long distance call And your capital letters keep me asking for more )

Kensington - Youth

( it show you far from fine and now you know, you know its nobody fault but your own )

Coeur De Pirate - Fondu au Noir

Tu sèmes le bonheur à chaque pas que tu fais

Et à ton réveil la vie reprend son train. )

The Vaccines - Norgaard

( Her mind's made up; she don't wanna go steady. )

She's only seventeen, so she's probably not ready.

    Some of the music I've been listening lately on my holiday, since its really amazing and very inspirational I thought it will be good to share to the world. If some of you already know , good then. So what's you favorite songs you currently can't stop listen to it? share with me! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brown trout Blues

     The stuff I wear lately : 
  1. Ankle Boots ( unbrand )
  2. Bright colors sweater ( Zara )
  3. Wolf Shirt ( Mango )
  4. A lot of rings ( Topshop & F21 )
  5. Small bag ( Toscano )
  6. Denim jacket and Skinny jeans ( Zara )


Monday, August 1, 2011

Java Rockin Land 2011


Second day of the concert , got the chance to met steven ansell from Blood Red Shoes

second day outfit : zara tank top, short denim zara, converse

third day outfit : zara grey crop top, high wast short, converse, hat from H&M

    I could say that July probably went really well for me. I had so much fun on this month , mostly hang out with friends and watch concert. Java Rockin Land one of Big Festival for Rock music in Jakarta, the show went 3 days ( its like Glastonbury but its Jakarta Version ) . Last year I also come to this event , they always provide a good band and a good show. And on this month, they really giving us a really awesome band list . On the first day I watch , We are scientist , Blood Red Shoes , and amazingly end with 30 Second to mars ( I only give u the list of the band that I watch , its still have like more but I'm to lazy to write it down ), The second day I watch Neon Tress, Kensington ( a really good band from Dutch ) , The Cranberries , and end the day with Blood Red Shoes again ( they show twice which make me really damn happy ) . On the last day which is the third day , I watch Kensington , Good Charlotte , and Helloween . All the show went really amazing , memorable , and I really enjoy to go out to a Music Festival like that especially with a friends that you love. Just enjoy the music and have fun ! .

sourche : picture concert taken by me with my cellphone