Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clean & Cut

I'm not very good on keeping track of following fashion , like runway, collection, etc. Since I lost FTV on my tv cable , and I'm not always bring laptop everywhere I go , usually the way I keep knowing that there is new collection , new look book , and stuff is from the internet , blogger, or other fashion website. And lucky me , all the blog / website that I often to see , they always post the new collection of my favorite designer , so here some of my favorite collection.


31 Phillip Lim


Calvin Klien

Celine Resort

Chloe Fall

Chloe Resort 

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Northumbria University

white sweater zara , legging jeans topshop, sun glasses mark and spencer, shoes topshop

taken by me & my friends 
edit by me

    On the second day in New Castle I finally could taste a bit of english breakfast after that I visit Northumbria University , we had little tour of the really cool college, of course the fashion class part. Its really amazing to have the opportunity to see other fashion class, I get to see how they making some cool stuff, write their ideas on the wall mirror of their class, they make some amazing poster for they Graduate Fashion Week, and also I get to see their sewing place and I met some of the students who really busy making cloth for Graduate Fashion Week but I didn't take the picture cause I don't want to bother them with my camera sound. A lot of cool art on the their wall , its really cool just walk pass their class and get the feeling of inspiration by see so many of cool art hanging on the wall. 

   I also go to their really big library , they have everything there like really everything. I couldn't take the picture of their books cause I'm not allow to. They have like a really good collection of the books and that probably the first time I feel like I would love to stuck in that library and read all the photography section all day long. More amazing is that they show us the collection of old VOGUE magazine from year to year ( on the picture above ). After that we went for a walk around New Castle, took some picture, and we went to BALTIC museum, another cool place but I'm not allow to taking picture.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Castle

All picture taken by myself 

   Remember when I write that I'm gonna had a trip that I can't wait? well finally I'm gonna tell you . I get a opportunity  to go to New castle and London for my college business ( if u guys didn't know, I took Fashion Management for my college ). The trip of course its all about college stuff , fashion, and media but In London I got a chance to attend G.F.W ( Graduate Fashion Week ) from all college in london , of course from the fashion students. I'm gonna share the picture later , right now I show you the picture on the first day I step my two feet into New Castle that I took in inside taxi while on the way to our small Hotel. 
   My first impression to New Castle is the weather , its very cold for me , even though its actually pretty sunny. And also they have a really amazing structure of buildings, I can't stop taking picture when I see all the beautiful buildings , feel like Im on a movie setting surrounded by a design of old structure buildings. Lucky for a tourist like me and my friends , the Taxi driver kindly take us for a small tour trip and he show us how New Castle is. I remember he said " New Castle is really a beautiful place especially the buildings , I've been here for a long time and I still amazed with all the buildings in New Castle " , and He totally right. xxx