Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

    I've been watching " How To Make It in America " and its really good. Spent most of time hanging out around Starbuck near my college since lot of my friends work there. Those are most of the music that I hear in 2011, I heard to much of Laura Marling. Buying a fake ear and wear it in front of my friend just for fun and I kinda like those kind of things. Right now the firework party for welcoming new year 2012 just finish, my cat finally could relax and go to bed without have to worry any sound of firework ( he was really panic and hiding under a table ) . And now I could also relax and listen to music in peace , I've done my family tradition every new year night which is eating noodle. I do wish you all have a good new year night , wherever you are right now . Happy new year 2012.  

Monday, December 5, 2011

what I'm going to do after I graduate from Binus

After I graduate from binus which is my university, I would like to move out from this country ( Jakarta, Indonesia ) because I really really boring to be here and I spent to many times of my life here and I think its enough already . There is 3 places I want to go ;

1. California

2. London

3. New York City

it might sound I dream to high but I don't believe that , there is no rules for dreaming to high in fact there is no dream there is to high cause I believe nothing is impossible in this world. After that I really want to take a photography school there or take another college with photography subject cause they don't have it here. And then I will try to get a job in fashion cause my passion is there but different story  if I end up in california , they fashion world not really famous there. Another plan that I have is I would love to travel around the world. I like travel and going to places that I haven't been there before. Travel with friends, bring camera , make a journal about it , that will be another job of my dream come true. So those are my plan what I'm going to do after I graduate from Binus which is my college.