Thursday, February 24, 2011

" when the stripe and space ship meet to each other"

stripe cardigan forever 21, space shirt zara, skinny jeans zara

Saturday, February 19, 2011

" Fly Me To The Moon "

shirt my sister own, belt unbrand, denim short zara, necklace forever 21

Just back from a date with my brother ( yes, I'm single ). We went to mall and having dinner, wondering around the mall, looking into some cute doll which we found really cute and interesting, and then we went to bookstore.
When I get home, I see a really amazing view on the sky. The moon really shining and surround by the cloud, its really beautiful wish I could described with proper english. But here the picture from my cellphone, not really good though.

Now lets listen to Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the moon and just enjoy the night . x

Sunday, February 6, 2011

" every time you walk into the room, my head spinning around "

sourche : tfs

every girl have their own way to show their style, and I really love how kemp keep her quirky , vintage, unique style even though she get so many critic from other people's.
I visit her thefashionspot page , and the last time I remember there is some people who compliment her style, how her relationship with sean lennon ( the son of John Lennon ), and how they "use" the lennon name , and some other shit too. But I don't really care about all of that,I mean do they know kemp or sean as a real person, or only from interview, video , magazine? cause u know you can't never judge people only from the cover only but again, everyone have their right to say a comment and every comment of people's must be different to each others.
All I know right now, that kemp still one of my fav. icon, I love her relationship with sean ( sean also amazing musician ) and I love them. x

Friday, February 4, 2011

" Memories "

Share you some of the picture that I took when I had a chance to go on vacation to Australia , I really miss the country. I probably gonna share some more.

" Guess what? I'm not a robot"

sourche : tfs

I've been really want to cut my fringe like the picture above mean my old fringe , but I also think its quite boring to have the same fringe again. Idk I'm confused anyway I really adore those 3 picture, the styling, the long hair, the make up doll, really cool.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

" I'm just an ordinary earthling really "

sourche :

Dylan sada,a Freelance photographer, part time model , part from all of that she also one of the girl that I adore for quite long time. I first know her from her deviant art which is my friend told me and then I get really amazed by her work, and then she take a picture for Nylon magazine which is one of my favorite magazine, after that I know she live in New York ( jealous? of course ),and then I " friend" with her on her facebook ( so happy ), and then I stalk her twitter and her tumblr ( kidding guys ), and I still following her work until now.

She always make me surprise every time she upload a picture on her facebook , her style , her unique way to photograph, her beauty face, or just share a link of video which some of them is really amazing video, she also never fail to amazed me which I think amazing, more amazing is the fact that actually she from Jakarta, Indonesia :D. Her style also amazing , its different from others, very unique on her own way , and very inspirational, I could only share you some of the picture that I get from , I love her shoes on the first picture, I want that lol.

Anyway she make me think that if we love something, desire something , want something! don't be afraid to run and catch what we want, we never know whats gonna happen next but as long we try and never give up to something that we love, we might could drop to something good , or maybe way more good than we thought. x