Saturday, January 31, 2009


morning everyone . . .

so it's sunday morning, I suppose go to somewhere with my friends, but idk, I really want to go, but there is so many problem to deal with if I want to go, and it's make me CRAZY!
so idk if I could go or not. just let's see what gonna happen.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Free as a bird

( I steal this from Ai and make some different change question, also little more about me)

name : Anchi
real name : hell secret lol
nick name : anchi, chi, chiru.
born : 28 | 03| 93
age : I'm 15 ( many people not believe me with my age, they said my face look more older )
school : 5 senior high school / XI social 2
current residence : hah?
blood type : Idk
w/h : 45 kg (I have to work out more) / 155 cm (shit! I want more taller )
eyes : sometime black, sometime brown xD
hair : black
piercing : I have two actually, but I lost one so only left one xD
tatoos : none.
cigaratte : marlboro menthol
cellphone : w380i
pc : mac (not mine but I often used it ) and toshiba black and silver
pets : none ( I want cat T.T)
interest : music, ark, photography, fashion, models
hobbies : browsing, photograph, listen to music, play guitar, sing etc
fav foods : sushi, jelly, ice cream, strawberry, pizza, noddles.
fav drinks : strawberry juice, green tea, mineral water.
fav movies : The pianist, band of brother, saving private ryan, sign, juno, this is england, An american crimes, oxport murder, a lot.
fav music : anything except dangdut xD
fav art-ist : CLAMP ,tomoko hayakawa, tinhead.
fav photographer : hedi slimane, cobra snake, nick "eyegrode", dave ma, jack bevan (he not photographer but he always take a really good picture with his camera x) )
fav bands : the beatles,foals, the gazette, the libertines, arctic monkeys,babyshambles , the rascals, Oasis, a lot.
fav vocalist : pete doherty, carl barat, alison moshart, ruki, john lennon, bob dylan, shena ringo.
fav guitarist : pete doherty, jamie hince, miles kane, jimmy,yannis.
fav songs : too many.
fav cloth brand : zara, topshop, paul and bear, indie brand.
fav models : agyness deyn, kate moss, irina lazarianu, freja beha, behati prinsloo, valentine, lara stone.
hates : liars, Racism, annoying, copycats, people who judge others in the cover, AGJ.
obsession : canon / nikon camera, lomo, have a band, go college a board, models xD, more good at guitar.

Friday, January 23, 2009

back to 505

well today is weekend, do nothing but play my computer,I forget to tell it that my sister bought me two vcd, one is the beatles video vcd and with their very old documentaries, witch is very cool and the second is arctic monkeys concert vcd, already watched half but not full, so today my sis watch the vcd arctic monkeys at apollo concert, while me, playing computer, and suddenly my sis calling me *with very loud voice*, and open my room door and said " take a look!", I just give reaction "what?", she just running go to living room and I follow her go there, and she play the video .
and alex appears on my tv, talk something like "thank you2", I said to my sis, "what is it? it's just alex", and my sis said, "look's behind him!", so I did look behind alex back,I just see jamie cook,who ready to play some other song, and some crew of arctic monkeys behind him, and suddenly I see a guy wearing a black sweater and jeans, he put his red guitar on his shoulder, and my eye's won't believe with what I see, I'm thinking "I know that guitar!!",and he turn his back and the camera show his face, and I scream . . .

" Miles Kane?!!!!, holly shit!!!"

yeah I did scream, even alex voice can't win from my voice, my voice was really loud, well that's what people said to me.

so miles appears on arctic monkeys concert, he play two song, the first song I didn't know what the song name,and the second song he play 505, which is my favorite song, and I love the guitar play at that song, but I didn't know that miles who the one played the guitar part. I can describe how my felling at that time, it's really make me want to cry, but I'm not. finally I can see how he play if it's live show, it's really amazing, I just can't find a word to described how he play.

so thanz to miles kane for put a smile on my face and make my day more bright.

and thanz for arctic monkeys,who invite miles play on their concert.

( I post today but the story already yesterday)

out of time

holy shit, the internet in my house kind of error, so I can't update or online either, I can online but in morning or afternoon, but in morning I got school to do, and afternoon I can online because something, so I'm trying so hard to update here.

sound that I hear : foals - red sock pugie

Saturday, January 17, 2009

merry go round

fuuh very tired today, I go to wedding invention, the one who married is one of my childhood friends,she more older than me, but after I'm move I never meet her again, and I met her today , she already married, it's really sweet to see, but really boring too,cause she not really remember me so I didn't talk with her at all, but I hope her life after this married will be good.

at my way home, I see many people smoking outside, it's really make me want to smoke too, but I come with my parent so I can't smoke, they didn't know that I smoke, when I inside the car, I listen to blondelle, I really love their music, especially past control, right now I'm in love with their song, call " other peoples cars", ooh that song always make my head move and star to singing along xD.

well right now, I in my sister room, I play here cause I'm lazy to bring back my laptop to my room, I can't sleep so I end up play my laptop. I have plant to go tomorrow , but I don't where I want to go, and what I'm gonna do if I go, but I want to go, somewhere ...

Sound I play : The Kills - fried my little brains

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and then end up like Joseph bloody in the hole

rain, rain, rain, again, and again, it's already 4 day raining and the rain didn't stop at all! well, is stop sometime, but just for a couple oh hour, well I don't really mind for rainy day, I like rain,but it's very cold in here. today school went very well, yeah someone that I used to like is talk to me again even just for borrow my books, he borrow my book twice, and like usually, he never say thank you to me, wait! no he did say it on the first one, but the second one his not, well not important.

I got news that pete got shot in his hand, well if it's true hope he alright, and he make solo album too!, I want it soooo bad, I really wait that album, already hear one song, and it's really good!, hope I can buy his album.

anothe news from arctic monkeys, said that their already got single come out, I don't know what the song is, but I bet the song good! wait their new album too.

And The Strokes, I wait their new album too, said that will come out in this year *yippie!!* , I miss julian casablanca voice, and I really wonder how the song it's gonna be, hope it's great!

god! it''s fucking cold! I already wear jacket and it's still cold, got my legs freezing right now. I done nothing special today, except I took a stupid picture today :

* idk why, but I like it lol *

* you can see my old toys up there *

well enough for today, see you!

Sound I play : blondelle - wonder

Monday, January 12, 2009

I can't life without music

Not so good today. well my life never been so good, so I think it's normal, I had fight today with my parents, just a stupid thing not really important actually,but I'm really take well today, no angry or bad mood happen to me, still ipod save my day today x)).
someone asked me, what band that really save your life, well I like to give my answer here, even the person not here xD

(it's random)
1) Foals *this unique band make me feel everything different*
2) The Gazette * this always in my life *
3) The Beatles * I don't like them before, but now I respect this band so much*
4) The Libertines * bad moon come, this on!*
5) Babyshambles * good lyric pete x3*
6) The Kills * fucking lovely! *
7) Arctic monkeys * never doubt their music*
8) Blood Red Shoes * their music are great *
9) Bloc Party * dance with me? lol *
10) Blondelle * past control my favorite *
11) Blur * weirdness *
12) The Cardigans * I love her voice*
13) Yeah Yeah Yeahs * yeah!!!*
14) shena ringo * her scream is sexy lol*
15) sex pistol * sis vicious! *
16) The Paddingtons * I can't hate them *
17) Oasis * amazing*
18) Amy Macdonald * she really good at writing lyric*
19) The Vines * damn rock!*
20) The Strokes * truly save me *
21) The Rascals * try them! *
22) Lilly Allen * she words are amazing*

well, I think that's all, it's a lot I know, but I really thanz a lot to all this band, their make me survive from this very cruel world lol, and also thanz to god too. alright, sound a little stupid now xDD

I got news today, golden globe on TV right now, and heath ledger win one! yippie! congrats to him, he win for his movie on The Dark Knight as Joker.

that's all I think for today, bye!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

you won't come back

my last day of weekend , shit I really lazy to go back to school tomorrow. Nothing special today, yesterday I really tired, I go to 3 place in one day. well my dad looking for a tv LCD, look's like he want to buy one, and I'm looking for a camera, already have one actually but the quality picture not really good so I really want the new one, but look's like I have to buy with my own money. alright enough of that camera stuff, yeah sadly my father look's so confused witch one he want to buy and end up with not buying any! shit! my foot already fucking hurt waiting at that electronic store, but after that I go to the mall for pick up my sister and my brother, after that again, finally I go to another mall again, just for walking around and for my father who still looking that tv,  yeah actually it's truly just fooling around xDDD, but I bought one jacket, it's really cool and I really like it, and I took some picture with my sister, I show you if I have mood to upload here. I guess just that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

amazing people

5) Irina Lazareanu & Freja Beha
* I love both, their amazing*

6) Alison Mosshart 
* I adore everything about her*
7) John Lennon
*I can't say anything about him*

well, it's not all actually, but if I write all of them that will be so many, maybe I just give the name :
8) my sister * believed or not*
9) Alex Turner * he wrote many good song*
10) Cory Konnedy * she really a good styler*
11) Miles Kane * He amazing*
12) Kurt Cobain * amazing person*
13) Sid Vicious * I wish he still alive*

I think it's enough, many people in this world and they all amazing, I'm sure that. Every people have their own shine, that's why I'm sure all people are amazing x)).  And many people that I really not know or just past by in my daily life change my life too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

can't sleep

I can't sleep . . .

promise to give my other stuff, here :
facebook : Ruikun Shimizu
flickr : HereWeAre?

That's all I thing

Friday, January 2, 2009

first post

hi! this will be my first post, I already have a blog on livejournal, but I make here too, I don't promise I will update but I will try x)). I write in english because I prefer use english, even my english not really good, so I'm sorry for my bad english.

here link to my stupid livejournal > anchi_rui

the other news about me I will send it other day, because it's almost morning. xD