Sunday, January 31, 2010

"the fact that there is a crisis is not a reason to stop creating beautiful extreme things"

magdalena frackowiak for Dazed and confused 2010

stunning model, stunning cloth, amazing designer and photographer, everything look absolutely cool in this picture. I really love those extreme dress that make by Viktor & Rolf even though I probably couldn't wear that lol, they always take my breath away, always amazed by their designing. I'm really looking forward this magazine, magdalena as the cover and also they got these new puritans, which is my ( you have to try to listen this amazing quirky band :D ).

Friday, January 29, 2010

"please don't stop the music"

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don't you know one very good medicine for keep you body healthy? yup music. For me music is part of my life and will never be gone , I'm sure everyone like that too. It's just like my daily need, like breakfast you know. Anyway today I had a really shit day, so I get back home throw my bag, change my cloth, get my ipod, lay down on the bed, and sing as loud as I can, and then the pain goes away, just like that, see it's always work for me, how about to you guys? is it work that well too?.

did I tell you that I lost my fashion tv channel on my tv?? no yet?? then I said today! yup is gone, fucking gone, is really pissed me off, I miss everything, the worst is I miss MILAN FASHION WEEK!!! , I really need to fix that fucking indovision, well with help from my brother too I guess, so I'm so sorry if I couldn't give you any information about milan fashion week, but I'm sure you all get it from other amazing blogger , like jak and jil, garance dore, face hunter, easy fashion, and etc etc tec , it's a lots.

have a great days

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I call it Art part 2

*sourche : abbey lee kershaw tfs*

ps: did you know that she the brides for chanel haute couture 2010/11 :D, way to goooo abbey!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

" it's been a long time "

I'm back everyone!!! after my conection to internet is broken for whole my weekends
finally I got the new one!!
how are you all?hope you all had a great days while I'm gone
and for the first post I'm gonna share what I'm have been doing
while my internet gone, enjoy! :))

* I go to my father friends wedding and got a flower*

* and that I wear for wedding, yeah we ( me, my brother, and my sister) kinda wrong costume*

* I can't far away from ipod *

* my hair already longer than before and I eat to much which is bad*

* still practicing with manual focus*

*my school had Christmash late party*

* junior at my school (couple) , I just love this picture*

*when to another wedding at other city , bandung. I have time to met cinta and citta <3*
*as you can see I'm in love with black and white picture*
*finally I'm getting used to manual focus lol*
* and I get connection internet there so I 'm waiting for Burberry men show but turn out I couldn't watch it :(*

*back home and playing around with new hat that I bought at bandung*

well I guess that enough, quite long post I think. Right now I just finish my first Try Out , and it went pretty bad :(, I swear I'm gonna be more more and more better on the second try out, well my english score it's good, the others is quite bad. Anyway I'm busy with test and find a good college to go too, really hope everything went well and smooth. anyway hope you all enjoy my post. have a great days. :))

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Let's get lost!"

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cobrasnake, fumi nagasaka, tumblr.

mostly the picture is from my favorite photographer or tumblr :). I'm at hotel right now not at my house, where am I? I'm at bandung , just for weekend. I had a great time so far, had a little fight with my parent, but that's normal at my life. I met cinta , citta, and citta friend ( who I forget her name, sorry :( ), I'm gonna post the picture later.
I really need vacation, I'm sure everyone love vacation. sadly my last vacation turn out to be suck. Lately I'm in love with natgeo adventure , with their theme word "let's get lost", god I love that to much. And while I'm watching that I'm always think "I want to go there" like a million times, yup yup yup I want to travel around the world, I'm really sure it's will be amazing. So guys do you want to travel? don't you ever think you life is boring cause you always do the same things? how if you do everything in the different way? might be turn bad or good? we never know right?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"you make me feel like a natural woman"

Behati prinsloo

totally forget for what magazine is this. the whole setting is so simple and natural. I love how a little detail for background could make the picture look's great and telling a story. Behati is a natural model, she always look natural to me but yet really beautiful .