Sunday, June 28, 2009

on first july :D

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so I really gonna go to japan, yeah! finally one of my dreams come trues :D. I can't wait to go there, I'm sure it will be fun, go to the place that I never seen before. my aunt and 2 of her sons are come along too, we will stay at different hotel I guess, but I don't know. I haven't packing anything yet, hahahaha lol. Right know I'm really confuse what the thing that I should pack, what kind of cloth that I will used there,because I will go to yokohama and I don't know the weather. So if anyone know, please tell me :), also if anyone know where the great place to go shooping at japan around yokohoma, or anywhere, it will be great too if the place cheap but good :D. I would like to know where I could find H&M? anyone know? . My plan is to looking a cheap doc marten, I really really want that shoes soooo bad, pray for me to get one !
I don't know if I could update from there, but I will try, know I should go pack, cause the next day I will be very busy for everything, if everthing gone well I will go on first july, at 4 july.

what I hear ? : peter doherty - 1939 returning

family of kurt cobain

Friday, June 26, 2009

my child just born

my new child just born, finally polaroid :))
I don't have the film , so I will search all over the place, my plan is search at japan too, but my mom said it would be expensive, so we'll see.

a star that the world could not ignore

( pic sourche :

another bad news that I got today, we just lost a great singer that I really love since I saw hin dancing a moonwalk lol, and singing a songs that I love when I was still so young, " Thriller '.
RIP Michael Jackson
We will always remember you


Thursday, June 25, 2009


R.I.P Farrah Fawcett

GOTM alison mosshart

I want to post so many info that I git today, it make me don't know where I have to start lol. so anyway lets start from girl of the month from W.W.W is Alison Mosshart!! ( dancing around the rooms lol )

* cheers for her *

I'm really really happy finally she get on W.W.W , I read some comment from a people who not like her style, their say her style is trash, or not good, and other shit thing that I'm to lazy to write here. I know everyone have a right to say their opinion, but for this, SCREW ALL OF YOU!! LOL. I love her, she got a very different style from other girl, she also not afraid to be weird and unique, she always wear something that she like/love/comfortable to her and didn't care about other people comments, plus she got AWESOME band, FYI for a girl who comment on W.W.W said "ugh! who is she! her style so trash! ", where have you been?! she the vocalist of an amazing band name The Kills. I may to excessive about her, but I'm mean it! lol.

what I hear ? : M.I.A - paper planes

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

new muse

my new muse will be her, irina kulikova. I've seen here lately on fashion tv, and I got interest with her quirky beauty, and turn out I love her style :)
some her style out duty :

her style simple, but great :Db

change my room?

I really really want to decorate my room again, It look very boring ==
I want to decorate like that picture, well not exactly like that, but I want to have a unique room.

what I hear? : bob dylan - motorpsycho nitemare

Saturday, June 20, 2009

punch me, and I come back again more stronger that power of pacman

He look fine from outside, from inside?, I hope his fine too from inside.

what I hear? : roses kings castles - horses

Finally out

( me and sponge by ai )

so I finally out from my house, I go to senci ( senayan city ) also plaza senayan xDD, I go with Ai. It's really fun, so many funny things happen while we there. It's tired too because we just like we go to one store to another store or from one place to another place and so on, so yeah it's make our feet it's "broken" lol. But like I said before, it's fun, it will be always fun if I go with her, expecially if we bring our "lover" a.k.a our camera, so it never be boring to me if I with her. Ai buy SPIN magazine with The Dead Weather as the cover, so alison is inside the magazine, also with jack white, the picture is awesome! alison always make every simple shoot of her look very awesome, she only wear a black skinny jeans, black leather jacket, and white torn shirt, which it's already cool to me and also Ai , yeah we alison lover lol. We also get flirting by some "guys" well if I could said that, actually by some kids lol xDDD, I don't know why that happen , but it's so funny to us. I was keep saying to Ai " ooh c'mon kids! I'm already senior high school, and Ai, she already not school means college " xDD, We also make some stupid video on Ai phone, sadly I couldn't post here, anyway I had a great time to day :))

what I hear ? : sondre lerche - two way monologue


Thursday, June 18, 2009

abbey lee for GUCCI

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abbey lee for gucci, just perfect!. I just took the picture that I like the cloth, is still more than this.

what I hear? : the virgins - private affair

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aye aye captain!

so I finally watch star trek, and it's was awesome!! man... I love that movie so bad, the story, the picture, the people, and the style lol. so everyone who already watch star trek basically their falling in love with captain kirk who played by chris pane, or the spock ( like him too ), but not to me, I really really fell in love with * drum back sound lol* is ......... CHEKOV!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love him, when I watch the movie, I could heard his accent talking really clearly, and I was like " who that's guy??", after done with the movie, I tell my sister and she told me that she like chekov too. After that my sis told me that the guy who play chekov is anton yelchin, I read his bio on wikipedia and found out that he play on terminator too, which I haven't see it , but I'm curious to know that film too. And I'm looking more about him , and the more I know him the more I like him lol. sound stupid I know, but I don't care. anyway his voice and the way his talking that I really feel in love. While I write this , I found out that I already like him since I saw him at some weird movie, called "Fierce People" as Finn Earl. I saw that film a long time ago, when me and family go to bandung and stay at the hotel, I'm the only person who watch that film cause I couldn't sleep that night, my comment when I watch that film is " what a weird film", but after a couple of hour it's turn out as a great movie to watch, beside at that time I'm curious to know who that cute guy? lol, after the film is finish, I just staring at the tv and really amazed by the film, but then my mom wake up and she see that I'm still awake at 2 o'clock, make me have to sleep right away! . And that the first time I "meet" anton yelchin, and I'm really happy to see him again on 2009 :))


I have one year to go

michael cera have a twitter, I just found that today.
the cool is his holding a camera that I really wanted :D * above*

new look from agy

last but not least, her beauty face and quirky hair

god! I just really love her, she always something that I probably gonna wear at some party or night event, I love everything in here, here dress * quite "bling2" but love the color*, her leather jacket so cool, her shoes, give me that!!, and her simple make up + quirky hair, just perfect for me!. xxx


1. smoke

2. do something funny/stupid

3. read/write something

4. listen some music

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that's four thing that I do if I'm boring, except for smoking, cause I can't smoke at home :( lol.
and I'm get some stomached & dizzy head too, which is really screw my temper more.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

bring old memories

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I just back from GEJE UI , an japan event. that picture above is what I feeling right now, what is love? all I know love is blind, hurt, suck!. anyway It was fun today, I meet all of my friends that I really miss, also Ai too. But some of them kind of ignoring me, I don't know that just my feeling or is it true or not, but that how I feel. Probably that couldn't accept me for my change, so I don't care, I love myself,and I'm still me!. I met my enemy too, well she not change at all , always try to be the famous one and the "gaul" one LOL XDD. But I also get a good friends beside me, like Ai * I luv U lol*, dhani * thank you so much *, asu * man you killing me! *, anya * always be my cute kitty *, so I guees I'm doing great. But I met my ex- boyfriends too, well the goood thing is we didn't fight at all, we just sit & talk to each other , he still nice to me, but I don't know he nice to me because he want something for me or not, I don't know, anyway I'm happy to met him, I do. sadly, I couldn't meet someone that I really want to see, nothing special, I'm just curious lol. Anyway I had a great time "playing" with Ai, try to steal her cute white Lomo, but I failed lol xDDD. okay time to go, had a great night everyone :).

what I hear? : Radiohead - Knives out

Saturday, June 13, 2009

new face of Me&City by Metersbonwe fall collection

Model: Agyness Deyn, Cole Mohr, Pei Bei,Luke Worrall, Stas Svetlichnyy, Lais
ph : Ellen von Unwerth

behind the scenes