Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"when I was young I wish I was 17"

taken by : my brother using sony DSLR A-500

I turn into 17 on 28 march 2010. Got a really lot's wish birthday from my friends which is lovely, although my mother actually forgot it was my birthday lol. We decide to have some little celebration dinner at sushi tei ( my fav. eat to place ) after I'm finish with my test for apply to college , trust me I eat a lot's there!. Nothing really change on my 17, I'm not getting taller :(( ( so sad ), and my face already look more older that my age , so yeah I guess nothing really change xD , probably I'm gonna change by the times goes by, we never what gonna happen right? but seriously I HAVE to get taller!.

ps : @danny if you read this thank you so much for your post on your tumblr, it's mean a lot's to me :DD
pss : I've got wishes from my fav. band One night only, yup George craig said "Happy b'day x" , as a fans of his band, I'm so haaaaaaaaapy!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

"sometime Alice In The Rockland "

sourche : tfs & tumblr

did you guys ever feel when you saw a girl who really stand out/cool/unique and you feel in love with her? but not that kind of way , like you admiring her, I have that feeling to alison mosshart , now is her. Alice glass from crystal castles. I see her first on NME website, and then I found her again on tumblr, I have a really big interest with her, she so rebel , rebel with a really simple outfit sometime cute, with her black smoky eye's make up that she always wear, and her bob hair style . She look stunning to me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"I've got so many things that you haven't got"

amazing chadwick tyler make a short black and white film with some of marc by marc jacob's models for A/W show, include my favorite hanne gaby odiele, lindsey wixon ( looking really cute ), frida gustavsson, Freja beha erichsen, hannah holman ( the good closing :) ) , jeremy young :3, aiden andrew, and more. The video is simple but I like it a lot's not only because marc by marc jacob's is one of mt fav. brand, and I admire chadwick tyler, but they used a really great song that really fit with the video, the song is intimate secretary by The Raconteurs . We could peek some of the beautiful cloth with models who not wearing any make up , all natural, but yet still look good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"happy b'day imogen "

sourche : tfs

wish you all the best :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

" rummaging for answer in the pages "

cause I want those book for my birthday on 28 march and I couldn't even find it on my country :(.

" 1 with a bullet "

my test today went pretty well, I really hope I could done well too for tomorrow :))

"Well I no longer hear the music when the lights go out"

sourche : tfs, tumblr, LJ

cause I miss them , I love them, and I lost all the libertines songs that I have on itunes ( fuck you itunes for do this to me ), and I have only one cd of them which is the libertines the best of, so now I only have their songs at that album. But on my ipod I still have all of them , WHY? because I haven't update yet, cause if I update my ipod, all libertines songs will be GONE, WHICH IS NIGHTMARE TO ME :((

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"a little things that could make me feel better"


*some tea*

*writing how I feel / how the life goes by*

*just lay down at my room in silence*

*some good movie*

* delicious food*

*peter, say what ever you want but it's true*

*good magazine/book to read*

*do some crazy things with my beloved friends*

*took a lot's of picture*

*music, always*

pic from :
1. blogger
2. blogger
3. google
4. tumblr
5. tumblr
6. the skullset
7. Hedi slimane
8. myself
9. my friend ( cinta ) webcam
10. took by cinta <3
11. myself

and all my friends from all over the world, especially from tumblr ( love you guys ), my sister, some fresh air, probably some cigarette ( maybe ), and shopping , it's bad but it's feel good lol.

Friday, March 12, 2010

"I get along"

liverpool shirt pull&bear, cardigan pull&bear, skinny zara

that day my family car had a crash with old pair of woman car, and my dad was really mad, idk how the story is , all of suddenly he blame me for that crash, you should see how my face look like when I was out from the car which is still moving, and quickly run to the mall for meet my sister. there is no way I will arguing with my dad for something that is not my fault, is actually his fault for driving while take care other business. while I'm walking to the starbuck where my sister waiting, I try to calm my anger with the libertines songs, it's work so well . I met my sister , I told her why my face look so ugly and my sister was laughing listening to my story, and she told me " ignore him, it's absolutely not you fault, he always like that you know that right?", hell yeah I know, and then my sister give me a really sweet "pain killer" , " here have some of my half cake", it's was chocolate brownies cake, taste delicious lol.