Sunday, November 22, 2009

flower dress and "rodarte" knit sweater

knit sweater zara, white shirt zara , skinny jean zara,
ankle boots unbrand, bag zara

first picture I'm wearing a flower dress from dorothy perkins
I'm only try that dress but my sister did bought it
we didn't allow to take picture actually but I didn't get caught
we had dinner at chopstick
you could see my "rodarte" look like sweater is really torn
green tea is my drink
went to the highest floor at the mall GI
no people there we decide to took some picture
so that my weekend
hope you all had a great weekends :)


  1. Awww... gorgeous photos, I love your outfits, I have a little floral obsession especially in dressed like yours :)

  2. @rachel : awwww thanz :), happy you like it :D
    yeah I'm obsesses to with something that had flower on it lol <3