Wednesday, July 7, 2010

" I was in the rush and out of luck "

Tati Cotliar
Pic : tfs

I've been trying to post this and keep update this blog but always something bad coming, internet break down, damn.
Anyway I skip my Pre uni class for 3 day now cause I've been sick. My sickness is really annoying , I vomit in one day for 9 times, my friends even say I should put that at book genius record lol. Right now I'm a lots better from before, I'm not vomit at all since I've got medicine from the so good Doctor who check me up inside my car ( I can't barely stand up because I keep vomit ). Right now the medicine left only 2 pack from 3 pack, the Doctor said I'm to tired but I guess I can't help that. Well that's all the news from now , hope all of you had a great days :))

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