Thursday, September 2, 2010

" what would my mama do "

me : hat unbrand, Jacket zara, tank top zara, legging topshop, ankle boot unbrand, bag topshop
my sister : crop top sweater zara, skinny jeans zara, gladiator topshop

So I just finish with my duty as freshmen college, really stressful, really hard, make me sun burn and everything , but its fun though. Those picture taken before I had my outbound ( another freshmen duty ), I have the time to runaway from home and hang out with my lovely sister. Basically we're just had lunch, walk around the mall, looking for some good stuff which I got one, and took a lots of picture. I don't use my slr camera because its broken ( sadness ), I'm absolutely gonna fix it quickly as I could, broken camera just like broken soul to me lol.

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