Monday, December 5, 2011

what I'm going to do after I graduate from Binus

After I graduate from binus which is my university, I would like to move out from this country ( Jakarta, Indonesia ) because I really really boring to be here and I spent to many times of my life here and I think its enough already . There is 3 places I want to go ;

1. California

2. London

3. New York City

it might sound I dream to high but I don't believe that , there is no rules for dreaming to high in fact there is no dream there is to high cause I believe nothing is impossible in this world. After that I really want to take a photography school there or take another college with photography subject cause they don't have it here. And then I will try to get a job in fashion cause my passion is there but different story  if I end up in california , they fashion world not really famous there. Another plan that I have is I would love to travel around the world. I like travel and going to places that I haven't been there before. Travel with friends, bring camera , make a journal about it , that will be another job of my dream come true. So those are my plan what I'm going to do after I graduate from Binus which is my college. 

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  1. That's exactly what I want to do too. Remember that if you didn't dream high then you could never achieve those dreams :) I believe in you.