Sunday, April 19, 2009

10 things you love about yourself

I found this from Ai blog, it's seem interesting to me, but I'm sure it will take a long time to finish this lol :)
okay!, here we go! :

1) I love my family and my whole friends.
even my parents like to fight to each other and I'm not really have a good relationship with my dad, I still love them anyway, I also love my brother and my sister. friends, I'm not type of person that could believe to person so easily, even to my own friends, but I love them, they give me a lots of something important that I could learn for myself.

2) I'm a weird person.
being weird is good, and I love to be weird than be the same like everybody else.

3) I'm animal lover.
I love animal so bad!, especially cat & dog. I always tell to everyone that I met and tread animals just like something that not important to live that their opinion is wrong, I'm not afraid to yelled someone who throw a hot water to cat on the street, that cat is looking for something to eat and that person seem to get annoyed by the cat ( it's true story), I even get mad to a little boy who kick a cat in font of me ( I end up make that kid cry).

4) I love being creative.
well I could say I'm a little creative, but hey! everyone is creative person, I'm sure about that ( like Ai said on her blog :D ), being a creative person is really fun, we could make something that really awesome or unique.

5) I love photography.
I'm proud for being a photographer, even I'm still not really good on that. Photography is really fun and important to me.

6) I've got a good legs lol
I don't know why, but my sister always said that to me, and I'm a little proud about that xD

7) I'm friendly person.
I could get along with any type of people.

8 ) I'm good at English
well not really good, you can see I have trouble with grammar, but I always understand if my teacher teach at my class, and if my friends didn't understand at all she always ask to me. yeah I'm proud about that.

9) I love music
I can't stay away from my ipod so far, that's why my friends said that I love music so much,which I do!

10) I'm ridiculous person
yes I'm! I could make a person who really sad then suddenly make that person laugh her/his ass off lol , I love to make people laughing, cause laughing could be really good for our body.

that's it, that's hard, really hard. anyway I'm done already.
sorry if my grammar really bad in here.


  1. awww i really liked this post!
    ur english is fine
    ++yeah u do have good legs:D

  2. yes, being weird is cool :)
    we're amazing of course lol xD

  3. Rand> you should do then, it's hard but it's fun too lol,great and thanz x))

    Ai> yes we ARE! LOL XDDD