Friday, April 17, 2009

For Lover

he never around me when I needed him
he never wipe my tears when I cry
he never hug me when I feel so cold
he never call me when he out of town

everybody said that you're mess, stupid, and bad
but I think you're mess is really beautifull
and your stupid act always make me smile
and your bad side, well I guess everyone have a bad side, so I don't mind

well you never around me when I needed you
but I could see your news in everywhere
well you you never wipe my tears when I cry
but your song always stop me from crying
well you never hug me when I feel so cold
but I could wear my big sweater and pretend that sweater is you
and you never call me when you out of town
but I could hear you voice from my Ipod

maybe you smoke everyday and I hate that so much
you said that not good to having a lots of smoking and drink coffe
and I hate that too
at past you use crack, drugs, and you can't stop for loving your ex- girlfriends
which I think you still love her right now
but all of that not stoping me for loving you

cause I know you just do what you want to do
and I don't mind any news from magazine that I see
that shit wont stop me from support you

I know you're doing you're best right now
focus on your music
and trying to be more good that you before
but I think you're already good from before
except you drugs and you're cracks

you could say I'm phatetic or stupid
cause I don't care at all
as long I could see you and hear your news
that enough for me

text by myself
photo from Nylon Guys

what I hear right now? What became of the likely lads - the libertines

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