Friday, July 3, 2009

morning with passion

morning everyone. it's the morning of my first vacation lol, so late, right. So I'm gonna leave at 2 o'clock, more early that I thought, I haven't shower yet, and I'm just done eat breakfast. Today I will go to japan, like I said before, very excited about this. I'm done with all my stuff, some of them still left out, but I will done it later.

and that anja for balmain ad icture, isn't that look cool!, I love everything on that picture, except the quality of the picture, I will search later. anyway lets step that aside and let's admiring those pretty black rock blazer, and the simple style. just wear that blazer with a simple white shirt and another simple denim pant, you still look awesome :D.

okay I must leave now, shower time . have a great days everyone. :)

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