Sunday, July 5, 2009

the night full of light

( new look band )

so here I am, sitting in front of my dad computer, I'm at hotel which mean I'm at yokohama now. Arrive at japan around 11 o'clock at afternoon, and then go with bush who bring me to yokohama, quite a long journey who make me sleep at the bus next to japanese boy who always look busy with his ntt docome phone lol, I was trying not to sleep cause I'm sitting next to him, but it didn't work and fall asleep , but lucky me the japanese boy who sit next to me also fall asleep, actually everyone on the bus is sleeping, except fot the driver. After that I met my father on some kind of mall , then my aunt & her two sons go first with taxi go to their hotel, and then me , my mother, and my father go after they leave. After that me and my family also my aunt & my cousin decide to travel around the area of our hotel, so we travel around yokohama. it's really fun, me and dika ( my cousin ) who bought a new canon slr 500 d, if I'm not wrong about the type, we took so many picture, we just like a photographer for our family, quite funny. I had fight with my dad about something silly, so I had a bad time for a couple of our, no, a couple of time. But when we go to a store, we called 100 yen store ( cause many of the stuff is 100 yen ), my bad mood gone with easily, I quickly search for polaroid film which I didn't found it yet, and then I'm looking for some souviner for my friends, it's really fun there. after that we go travel around the yokohama again, but because our feet is already very tired we go with bus, the bus trip take a long time too, we back to hotel at night time, I don't know what time is it. Now my mom and my dad already fall asleep, my dad is snoring now very loud lol, anyway I post the picture next time, must go to sleep. have a great days everyone :)).


song in my head : cut off your hands - oh girl


  1. hee i don't go to yokohama it must be beautiful -.-
    look forward for the photos :D :D

  2. @ ai : yes it is! okay, no problem. but you have to wait :D