Sunday, May 16, 2010

8. a photo that make you angry/ sad

pic from: tumblr/hedislimane/blogger/google

Daul kim is my favorite models until NOW , she amazing, she nice person , she have a great style and she weird in the good way. We never realize how a beautiful person like her is hiding a loneliness feeling and end up to wrong decision. Sometime we just see a person from outside how they look like always laugh and happy but we never realize that person might be on the bad times and had a big stress ( like a picture of drew up there). We never know when we meet/chat with our friends and ask " How are you? " such a simple question like that could make that person sad or confused cause he don't know what the answer is. Maybe we walk on the road and see a girl/boy was lying on the street cause drunk/wasted ( like the picture above) we might think "what a stupid person", but do we know that girl/boy is actually drinking cause they need help / they found drinking as a good way to let the stress out, we never know right?

Another story from John Lennon who is a big inspiration on my life and a really amazing musician, he never scare to say to the world what is the truth , he scream from his singing how he want the world to live in peace, how he live, and how yoko is the true lover to him. Many people's adore him, and one guy to much love him decide to finish his ( john ) life, such a terrible decision, and many people's feel how we lose another amazing musician in this world.

Animal. I love animal, especially cat. I always hate/angry/sad to see people's who treat them wrong, one day I see a cat was looking for food and a guy who sale food doesn't like the cat around his stuff , what he do? he spray that cat with a hot water, that cat go away, of course. I'm furious , I came to that guy and yell at him and said " don't you know the cat is only hungry? the same feeling that human have when their hungry?! how about that cat is you and I was the guy who selling food and I spray you with a hot water! did you like that?! you know it's gonna hurt right?!" the guy just silent and didn't said anything , my friend quickly came to me and tell me to go away, and I did. it's not a good things I'm yelling to that guy but I'm sad that a people's can't respect animal. I'm sorry? idk.

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