Monday, May 31, 2010

" it's been a blast but we've been caught, packing up your suitcase hard day, long face, get the story right"

so as you can see I'm packing up my suitcase mean I'll be going somewhere, guess where? I will tell you went I already there, clue? I've been there for several times. I'll be going on June 3 until 5, only three days , short holiday.

I took this picture last night when I finally have to packing, I'm not going alone, there will be my mom and my brother and some of my cousin came along, but minus my father and my partner in crime my sister :(.

You could see on the third picture it's telling that 12 o'clock , yup I'm packing in the middle of the night while update my blog and waiting my download for the pigeon detectives, turn out quite fun actually, hear some music, wondering what cloths that I have to bring and what cloth that I'm gonna wear on the airport ( decide to try my new cloth on picture no. 5 ), mostly I bring lot's t - shirt.
That it for today, hope you all have a great days xxx

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