Sunday, February 6, 2011

" every time you walk into the room, my head spinning around "

sourche : tfs

every girl have their own way to show their style, and I really love how kemp keep her quirky , vintage, unique style even though she get so many critic from other people's.
I visit her thefashionspot page , and the last time I remember there is some people who compliment her style, how her relationship with sean lennon ( the son of John Lennon ), and how they "use" the lennon name , and some other shit too. But I don't really care about all of that,I mean do they know kemp or sean as a real person, or only from interview, video , magazine? cause u know you can't never judge people only from the cover only but again, everyone have their right to say a comment and every comment of people's must be different to each others.
All I know right now, that kemp still one of my fav. icon, I love her relationship with sean ( sean also amazing musician ) and I love them. x


  1. She is such a beautiful young lady, and I love her style, it's so unique but so effortless and beautiful at the same time. Lovely. xo.

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  2. idk why but shes rly rly looked liked hmmm WOW.
    shes amazing. i love her face&style *__*