Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Castle

All picture taken by myself 

   Remember when I write that I'm gonna had a trip that I can't wait? well finally I'm gonna tell you . I get a opportunity  to go to New castle and London for my college business ( if u guys didn't know, I took Fashion Management for my college ). The trip of course its all about college stuff , fashion, and media but In London I got a chance to attend G.F.W ( Graduate Fashion Week ) from all college in london , of course from the fashion students. I'm gonna share the picture later , right now I show you the picture on the first day I step my two feet into New Castle that I took in inside taxi while on the way to our small Hotel. 
   My first impression to New Castle is the weather , its very cold for me , even though its actually pretty sunny. And also they have a really amazing structure of buildings, I can't stop taking picture when I see all the beautiful buildings , feel like Im on a movie setting surrounded by a design of old structure buildings. Lucky for a tourist like me and my friends , the Taxi driver kindly take us for a small tour trip and he show us how New Castle is. I remember he said " New Castle is really a beautiful place especially the buildings , I've been here for a long time and I still amazed with all the buildings in New Castle " , and He totally right. xxx

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