Sunday, August 23, 2009

crying inside the box


you told me that you don't want to see me, I ask why? you didn't answer
when I found out that you don't want me to see you face, I'm thinking "what the fuck?"
sometime the word that you said to me sound so stupid to me
and sometime you could make me so angry and feel I want to slap your face right away
but I didn't do it, cause that just my stupid feeling
it's kinda funny how you keep calling me with the name that you give me, the name that I hate it so bad
but it's turn out I like that name, more than my real name lol
that name keep remind me of you
right know my feeling really not sure on everything
I feel angry, sad, mad, stupid, crazy, and other feeling that I'm to lazy to write
I don't know what to do, I don't know how I could make you want to be with me
I'm not smart at this kind of "stuff", and I guess no one good at this "stuff"
your friend told me that I should find another guy, not only you the guy in this world
but I didn't want to do that, everytime I try to run away from this feeling and try to forget about you
it didn't fucking work!!
now you didn't talk to me at all, what is the matter with you? did I do something wrong??
I couldn't read you're fucking mind!!, if I could that will be crazy! but awesome too lol
so you have to tell me if I did something wrong, if I make you feel annoying you or something like that
tell me so I could understand what you want.
you probably didn't care if I told you I cry for 2 days because of you
yeaaaah I don't really want to told you either, but I did lol
I might annoying you a little bit, but I do that because I want to talk to you
yeah I want talk to you, I want to meet you, and I want to be together with you
you could say that I crazy but I don't care. Cause that what I want!
I want to make it this work, even it's gonna be hard to me, but I want it!

people or person who read this and you thinking that this writing is crazy and didn't make any sense at all
I don't care, you already read it, you like it? it's good, you don't like ? just get the hell out of here! lol

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