Sunday, August 2, 2009

goodbye blackbird

yesterday I watch public enemies, yeah finally I watch that movie!. I watch at senayan city mall with my sister, and my best friends ai, it's really a fun day to me, cause It's been a long day I haven't meet her since I left to japan. When I met her, she already change, well... on her hair and she wear a glasses now, she told me that she not allow to wear soft lens because of alergic lol, I don't how to explain that, she told me that with kind of counfused too lol xDD. After that we eat at sushi tei, I love sushi tei! and there she give me a surprise, she give me a present for my birthday, which at 28 march mean already past lol, anyway she give a pack of paper with FUJI written at the front of the paper, I thought she give me polaroid film, so I open the the pack, kind of hard and sticky, she wrap the present use a glue, I got my finger full of glue lol, when I opened I couldn't believe with what I saw, she give me a camera!!, lomo camera with blue effect, it's really cute, she also give me a ring and one picture of me that she took with her lomo long time ago.

that the camera

that the picture

after that we're killing our time with walking to store and another store, and another store again, we took photo box with the result that we really not satisfied,and then we bought deliciuos sour cally, only me and ai.

photo box


and finally we watch the film, I could say to you that my sister can't stop moving and pinch my hand everytime christian bale come lol, the sad thing is many people not appreciate the movie, I see from a person who keep play or chat on her cellphone, and many people who out from the cinema even the movie haven't end yet, one thing that I hayed so bad is some viewer didn't silent their cellphone, so you guess what happen next, it did make me really angry and distract me from the movie but hey! I don't want people like that ruin the movie beside the movie is so much better than the people lol, I mean it! it's so awesome, usually I don't like romantic movie, but this one I love it!, not only the romance, the action also very awesome, the way thier stole the bank, the guns, and of course their style too

I always love old style like this, lots of fedora hat, unique glasses and coat, look's very stunning, even I love the car too :). and after I saw this movie I found what my next hunt to buy, is john lennon glasses or john dillinger glasses .

some picture of john dillinger glasses

and my legend john lennon :)

that's it for today, have a nice days.


  1. I like the images, I can't wait to watch that film. I'm a Johnny Depp and John Lennon fan, so I may be a bit biased saying great post.

  2. Oh my gosh, my eyes just burst with excitement of all those lovely Johnny Depp pictures you posted, is is gorgeous :D

  3. yeay! let's meet again someday!
    you should come to my house! lol XD