Monday, August 17, 2009

want don't we do it on the basement?


fedora hat : zara man
shirt : japan store
denim pant : zara
flat shoes : vans

I don't like to smile cause my smile is weird lol
today I had a celebration of my coutry b'day and my school had ceremony lol ( upacara paan sih? ) at early in the morning
so it's star from 8 - 10 I guess, I don't remember. I got really burn up there, the sun is right up me , I almost want to black out but I didn't
after finish from the ceremony, I quickly go home and eat breakfast, late breakfast.
right now my house empty, only me & my sister here.
I have nothing to do, so after this look like I'm gonna play some game at my sis computer.

anyway yesterday I bought 2 cloth and one shoes, one is shirt from zara, the shirt is white with written " what is fashion? "
it's really cute, although is for a man, I still bought it anyway xD
the other one is plaid shirt, this one I share with my sister, it's really expensive so I couldn't buy 2.
the shoes is the look like of converse shoe, with rolling stone design <3
I post the picture if I already wear it lol

what I hear ? kimya dawson - TrumpStyle

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