Friday, March 12, 2010

"I get along"

liverpool shirt pull&bear, cardigan pull&bear, skinny zara

that day my family car had a crash with old pair of woman car, and my dad was really mad, idk how the story is , all of suddenly he blame me for that crash, you should see how my face look like when I was out from the car which is still moving, and quickly run to the mall for meet my sister. there is no way I will arguing with my dad for something that is not my fault, is actually his fault for driving while take care other business. while I'm walking to the starbuck where my sister waiting, I try to calm my anger with the libertines songs, it's work so well . I met my sister , I told her why my face look so ugly and my sister was laughing listening to my story, and she told me " ignore him, it's absolutely not you fault, he always like that you know that right?", hell yeah I know, and then my sister give me a really sweet "pain killer" , " here have some of my half cake", it's was chocolate brownies cake, taste delicious lol.


  1. I'm sorry about your car crash! I'm sure it wasn't your fault :( you look really cute in the pictures!! :)

  2. @danny : yeah I'm sure about that too , awwww thanz :DD