Saturday, March 13, 2010

"a little things that could make me feel better"


*some tea*

*writing how I feel / how the life goes by*

*just lay down at my room in silence*

*some good movie*

* delicious food*

*peter, say what ever you want but it's true*

*good magazine/book to read*

*do some crazy things with my beloved friends*

*took a lot's of picture*

*music, always*

pic from :
1. blogger
2. blogger
3. google
4. tumblr
5. tumblr
6. the skullset
7. Hedi slimane
8. myself
9. my friend ( cinta ) webcam
10. took by cinta <3
11. myself

and all my friends from all over the world, especially from tumblr ( love you guys ), my sister, some fresh air, probably some cigarette ( maybe ), and shopping , it's bad but it's feel good lol.

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