Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"when I was young I wish I was 17"

taken by : my brother using sony DSLR A-500

I turn into 17 on 28 march 2010. Got a really lot's wish birthday from my friends which is lovely, although my mother actually forgot it was my birthday lol. We decide to have some little celebration dinner at sushi tei ( my fav. eat to place ) after I'm finish with my test for apply to college , trust me I eat a lot's there!. Nothing really change on my 17, I'm not getting taller :(( ( so sad ), and my face already look more older that my age , so yeah I guess nothing really change xD , probably I'm gonna change by the times goes by, we never what gonna happen right? but seriously I HAVE to get taller!.

ps : @danny if you read this thank you so much for your post on your tumblr, it's mean a lot's to me :DD
pss : I've got wishes from my fav. band One night only, yup George craig said "Happy b'day x" , as a fans of his band, I'm so haaaaaaaaapy!!!

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