Friday, October 21, 2011

everything is everything


brown sweater Zara, short denim Zara, Rolling Stones Converse

    Some of the stuff that I've been wearing lately, I bought that Zara sweater a moth ago and been falling in love with it until now. Even tho its really not fit with my country weather to wearing hot sweater , that sweater really comfortable and not really hot , and if you guys didn't know I'm kinda sweater girl , I love sweater and have quite a lot too, wear them with short or legging its really comfortable if I'm lazy to pick a cloth . Those converse shoe also one of my fav. things, as you can see from how dirty the shoe is ( after I took this picture I decide to wash them ) , I don't really care about dirty actually because from there I could show you how I love those shoe and I wear them most of the time of my life. 

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