Monday, October 17, 2011

Watchin all our friends fall leaning out of old cars this is my idea of fun

currently I really obsess with her song, keep play on repeat on my ipod. Its really beautiful in the simple way but also giving me an affection that its not so simple. Well, who am I kidding, I never good with words. Sorry for the very lack of update I have no excuses to give except that right now I have a project with my friend Hafiz . He have a really cool blog called sunbeamray, his blog actually same like mine talking about his life, his own style, fashion , music and stuff. And lucky me he give me an opportunity to become one of his Guest Blogger which I already do it for couple a month now. I tho its not gonna be a long term but turn out I'am still writing on his blog as a Guest Blogger until now, he said it could be a long term, I'm not really sure but I had fun writing there and I really hoping its gonna be a long term and it could be something BIG for me and hafiz. Go check some of my post here , its good and u won't regret it!

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