Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting Down

finally I'm back from my hell trip lol
one week without computer in my life, believe me, that's not easy, I can't even online on my hand phone because there isn't signal there.
god that was really a nightmare for me, anyway I still got my ipod with me and my camera,so I still can hear music there.
I get sick for 4 days there, some kind a flu, fever, or something like that, and it's hard to recover.
on my way to go back, I'm listen to the virgins, seriously their awesome, only 2 days hear them and I like it.
of course not only the virgins, here some music that I hear on my trip:

1. arctic monkeys
2. amy macdonald
3. the beatles
4. blondelle
5. blur
6. the virgins
7. dirty pretty things
8. the libertines
9. babyshambles
10. the kills
11. john lennon
12. jason mraz
13. the moldy peaches
14. frente
15. foals
I'm to lazy to numbered, so here the others: pete doherty, placebo, the paddingtons, yeah yeah yeahs.

that's all of the song that I heard on my trip, and also on my sleep.

(play> the kills - getting down)

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