Friday, February 27, 2009

You're A Big Girl Now

pete won best solo artist and TLSP won the best video for "my mistakes were made for you". it's really make my day's more bright lol. plus I could see the video of pete interview, miles kane & alex turner ( who still got his hair style xD ) interview, and a lots of picture of pete, carl , dirty pretty things, and miles kane & alex turner, picture of miles kane & alex turner it's only one, so if anyone have more than that please share to us. sadly I can't watch that NME awards on tv, really make me sad T.T, I'm looking for the video but I can't find it anywhere!, and I sad carl not win the sexiest men awards lol, I can't bealive matt win that awards 0____o, I'm really shock right now, and another news from irina lazareanu who came to the NME AWARDS too and she sit next to pete, idk did she really sit next to him or just in the same table with pete, but that the news that I've got right now.


( I love pete and carl outfit )

nothing that could break us apart, except dead
we're bound together
as we the libertines .

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