Monday, February 2, 2009


I bought two new stuff.

1. Dirty Pretty Things VCD (album Romance at short Notice )
well, maybe this one is already old , but the cd just come out to my country now, and it's limited edition, I'm lucky I get one, cause it's only left one in the music store. I just heard the cd today, well carl barat never disappointed me, their song it's great to listen, plus carl voice still sexy to be heard lol xD.
(FYI : Dirty Pretty Things is Carl Barat *ex - The Libertines vocalist & guitarist* band after The Libertines is disband.
Sadly, Dirty Pretty Things end up also disband. )

2. Nylon
the cover is camila belle, well not really to her, but the inside magazine it's STILL AMAZING, nylon probably will always be my favorite magazine. inside of the magazine, there is behati prinsloo interview, one of my favorite models, I'm so happy to read the interview. kelly osbourne and jack was there too, their picture it's really cute, my favorite part from the magazine is TOKYO ROSE, the photograph,models, cloth, hair, the settings, the color is very awesome, it's really cool, and I love it.

in nylon :
"what's you favorite karaoke song?"
behati : "I love Nirvana's "smells like teen spirit."

cheers for nirvana & behati

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