Tuesday, December 8, 2009

chanel fever

I wear shirt mango , denim short zara, legging giordano, shoes topshop,bag zara

that day I watched paranormal activity
which is creppy and make me can't sleep my own bed for 2 days lol
it's funny when I'm out from the teather the one who really scared that time
is my sister
she keep hold my hand where ever we go
but when back home I'm the one who couldn't sleep
funny right? or no?
and after all that scary thing we decide to clear our head with had dinner
and took some picture
and turn out we couldn't help ourself to take picture in front of chanel store
we didn't allow to take picture there
so after my sister took my picture in front of chanel brand security walk into us and we runaway lol
and then we go outside and took more picture in front of chanel ad
with the lovely freja and the pretty heidi <333

ps : I want the coat of my sister friend wore at that picture, relly look a like of Burberry coat!
pss : my test only one day left and then I'm totally FREE
psss : love you all

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