Monday, December 28, 2009

I hate my holidays

WHO said that holiday always fun??!! not for me!this is my worst holiday ever!
I'm not doing anything, only out for some movies and sport, and out for meet some friends ( when I said some mean you count by fingers). it's so boring! . Today I had another bad day, I've been left out alone at home twice, while I'm suffering at home with my math tutor ( and my cat ). my parents out to somewhere, my brother accompany my sister learning to drive. When I'm finish with my math tutor, they don't even talk to me at all, or asking me how my days , or asking me why my face so grumpy at the time, they not said any words, they just chat at living room and have a lunch with a smile on their face, you know what? at time I really want to scream at their face! but I'm not do that. Because I'm pissed I decide to go upstair and listen to my ipod at my room cause that the only medicine for that, after a couple of hour I go downstair and found out that my sister want to go to swiming , I thought only my sister and my brother but turn out I'm wrong, my parent accompany too, I can't go with them , I had my period :(, Because I'm pissed again I go back to upstair , when I'm out from my room they already gone, the house is dark, very silent, no one there only me. My ipod still in my ear and suddenly play Oasis - stop crying your heart out , so I go downstair, step by step, and stop at the middle of the stairs, and I cry, yes I cry.

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