Wednesday, December 23, 2009

young hearts know nothing but say it all

yuri pleskun
sourche tfs


  1. i like this pictures. a lot.

    merry christmas! xxx

  2. @GWYN : thanz for the comment, I love those picture too, simple but good.
    merry Christmas too hope you had a great holiday :) xxx

  3. cuteee

    but slightly disturbing.

    :DD pfft boys.

    i like your blog a lot! will be checking back.

  4. @Mimi : lol why disturbing? is it because his cute lol xDD, I'm post this because I love the whole things at thi photoshoot, the cloth, the setting, the way the model pose, it's really good for me :).
    awww thanz, glad you like it! :), that means a lot's to me. x