Sunday, December 13, 2009

heavenly way to die

hey guys! how are you all? hope you all had a great , amazing, marvelous, days :D. I'm at home alone right now which is fun cause I can do anything that I want
but with no lunch around me, it's not fun lol
I just watch Gossip live at liverpool at V channel
and I think I feel in love with them right now

I was really amazed when I watch that show
the singer Beth Ditto look really amazing, I don't know how but she look really shining on the stage
and she keep said amazing words everytime she finish one songs
adore her
Brace Paine the guitarist + bassist also look amazing, he make me can't take my eye's of him
with only wear all black outfit, he stand out.
Hannah Blilie the drummer, the first time I saw her I thought he was a guy
with his tattoo and short haircut wear red shirt
but then I realize she a girl
with amazing skill
they all totally amazing to me, their show it's full of energy

FYI me and sister make a blog together
it's just for fun but we really hope it's turn out to be amazing
visit them if you have time and love fashion, art, photography, unique things, and lot's of other things

well that's it for today
love you all
ps: anyone have the gossip and the big pink songs, could you share with me???

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