Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Let's get lost!"

sourche : darren mcdonald, hedi slimane, bella howard, antonella arismendi
cobrasnake, fumi nagasaka, tumblr.

mostly the picture is from my favorite photographer or tumblr :). I'm at hotel right now not at my house, where am I? I'm at bandung , just for weekend. I had a great time so far, had a little fight with my parent, but that's normal at my life. I met cinta , citta, and citta friend ( who I forget her name, sorry :( ), I'm gonna post the picture later.
I really need vacation, I'm sure everyone love vacation. sadly my last vacation turn out to be suck. Lately I'm in love with natgeo adventure , with their theme word "let's get lost", god I love that to much. And while I'm watching that I'm always think "I want to go there" like a million times, yup yup yup I want to travel around the world, I'm really sure it's will be amazing. So guys do you want to travel? don't you ever think you life is boring cause you always do the same things? how if you do everything in the different way? might be turn bad or good? we never know right?

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