Tuesday, January 26, 2010

" it's been a long time "

I'm back everyone!!! after my conection to internet is broken for whole my weekends
finally I got the new one!!
how are you all?hope you all had a great days while I'm gone
and for the first post I'm gonna share what I'm have been doing
while my internet gone, enjoy! :))

* I go to my father friends wedding and got a flower*

* and that I wear for wedding, yeah we ( me, my brother, and my sister) kinda wrong costume*

* I can't far away from ipod *

* my hair already longer than before and I eat to much which is bad*

* still practicing with manual focus*

*my school had Christmash late party*

* junior at my school (couple) , I just love this picture*

*when to another wedding at other city , bandung. I have time to met cinta and citta <3*
*as you can see I'm in love with black and white picture*
*finally I'm getting used to manual focus lol*
* and I get connection internet there so I 'm waiting for Burberry men show but turn out I couldn't watch it :(*

*back home and playing around with new hat that I bought at bandung*

well I guess that enough, quite long post I think. Right now I just finish my first Try Out , and it went pretty bad :(, I swear I'm gonna be more more and more better on the second try out, well my english score it's good, the others is quite bad. Anyway I'm busy with test and find a good college to go too, really hope everything went well and smooth. anyway hope you all enjoy my post. have a great days. :))