Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heart and soul

tinypic doesn't work well today, so I decide not to post any picture, sorry about that. Anyway yesterday I had a really amazing day with my beloved friends, cinta, risa , and citta :)), I met citta for the first time but we get along really quick, she really funny person , seriously funny in the good way. Me, citta, and risa decide to stay overnight at cinta house, it's my second time to stay overnight at cinta house <3.>Julian casablancas solo album for my sister, she love it and I'm happy for her :)). I really hope I could hung out like that again :DD

Tomorrow is my last holiday , so sad that I have to back my reality life ( school life ) :((. well I just hope tomorrow will be another great day. good night everyone and have a great days.

( song : Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody )

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