Friday, January 29, 2010

"please don't stop the music"

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don't you know one very good medicine for keep you body healthy? yup music. For me music is part of my life and will never be gone , I'm sure everyone like that too. It's just like my daily need, like breakfast you know. Anyway today I had a really shit day, so I get back home throw my bag, change my cloth, get my ipod, lay down on the bed, and sing as loud as I can, and then the pain goes away, just like that, see it's always work for me, how about to you guys? is it work that well too?.

did I tell you that I lost my fashion tv channel on my tv?? no yet?? then I said today! yup is gone, fucking gone, is really pissed me off, I miss everything, the worst is I miss MILAN FASHION WEEK!!! , I really need to fix that fucking indovision, well with help from my brother too I guess, so I'm so sorry if I couldn't give you any information about milan fashion week, but I'm sure you all get it from other amazing blogger , like jak and jil, garance dore, face hunter, easy fashion, and etc etc tec , it's a lots.

have a great days

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