Thursday, April 29, 2010

4. favorite book

well honestly I'm not really reading book but doesn't mean I hate book , I love book. here some of my fav. lately :

1. I read comic yup I still do cause I found comic as something to let my stress out
2. some good novel but more to real story like totto-chan and letters stories and dreams which make by casseybunn ( a really great photographer )
3. a bunch of fashion magazines , like nylon, teenvogue, vogue, VS, Q vest, they give me some good information and some inspiration for picture book only have some cause it's expensive here, of course for learning more
5. Biography book , still only have a few like bob dylan , it's really expensive here if you want to buy one, and no doubt biography book give me inspirations.

well I guess that it.


  1. i loooooove nylon sososos much, and your collectionb is very lovely. haa. <333
    follow back please. xoxxoxox