Tuesday, April 27, 2010

" this is what happen lately in my room"

I clean up my room , get some empty space to laying around the floor , some box which suppose to be on trash can end up to be my bookcase , The beatles poster that I bought long time ago finally on the wall, found my lilo little fan from tokyo disney land, some writing on the wall again , and still waiting my fever ray download to finish.


  1. wow I love your room, it's so cool! I wish I could write and draw on my walls

  2. @danny : my room is really simple actually and quite small lol, hahaha I'm not allow to draw/write on my wall , when the first time my mom saw that she was angry but then I keep writing on the wall and she finally give up lol

  3. @the queen of hearts : I couldn't scream so I write on the wall :D