Monday, April 19, 2010

All you need is love baby

So I wake up this morning like usually, some screaming voice from my mom and dad, sound of my cat , and some worker that working on some hole above my roof or I don't know what were they doing actually. Decided to cheer my morning with across the universe movie, and I eat my bread as my breakfast while watching the movie but only the music part, I sing a long with the lyric, turn out the lyric was really fit with the whole situation at that time, I'm dancing around at my family room ( yeah I'm not watching that on my room cause I want parent listen to the lyric ) , drink my tea while bono singing I'm the walrus , it's really amazing how the songs could be really good for me in the morning.

Then my mom talk to me and told me that my father on stress ( always ), his on the bad mood and guess who to blame? me , she told me that I should do what he said , I should just agree with anything that he said, and I was like " no mom, I already do that for a years but he never change , he always like that" , but my mom keep trying to make me agree with her, so I end up feel so pissed and I told her "sorry mom I can't always agree with him, especially about my future ". Then there was silent moment and then strawberry field songs play, jude was singing, and of course I'm sing a long too. I don't have to talk, from that movie and the songs my mom know what my feeling is at that times, and at the morning. Thank you across the universe and thank you the beatles :)).

ps : how are you? I really hope you all had amazing days today x

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