Tuesday, May 19, 2009


OMG!! that's the new cover of NME magazine ( which not apper at indonesian, sad thing ), okay I don't say I don't like arctic monkeys, I do like them very much!. But for this cover , it just make me shock!! It's like a bot band or something like that ( get kick by arctic monkeys fans ). I used to like alex hair when his fans don't like that hair, but with jamie (gitarist) and Nick ( the basssist) have the same hair it's make me feel, want to puke, jamie what happen to you with that mustache!!! and Nick, well you look good with the hair lol xDD
matt ( drummer ) you don't change at all, good for that :Db

anyway I'm waiting for their new album, hope their song not change like the member lol
and I'm feel sorry for alex, for his brown bag get stolen , inside the bag got everything that he need + their new songs for their new album, just hope arctic monkeys still keep going, c'mon alex!! write again!!! LOL

P.S : the one who stole alex bag, you will get A BAD KARMA FROM ALEX FANS LOL

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