Tuesday, May 12, 2009

search & destroy

so I haven't update lately, sorry. so many event for this month, and I just finish with my mom birthday party which turn out to be a great days to me :). And I got a little photograph lesson from my cousin too. FINALLY I get yeah yeah yeahs new album, it's blitz!. all of the song is really awesome it's really yeah yeah YEAHS!!! LOL

(this the cover of the album)

the list of the songs :
1. zero
2. heads will roll
3. soft shock
4. skeletons
5. dull life
6. shame and fortune
7. runaway
8. dragon queen
9. hysteric
10. little shadow

buy their album, you won't regret it! lol


  1. i like the "hysteric" track best :)

  2. @ shila : not surprise, all of their song is great :D