Saturday, May 2, 2009

keep it simple and play with the vest

where ? : at grand Indonesia mall, in front of topman store
wear ? : fedora hat from zara, black tank top from somewhere in singapore, white tee from kamiseta, bag from zara, black vest from zara, shoes from pull and bear, and of course ipod.
what I listen ? : Lissy Trullie - Money


  1. goshh i love your outfits >__<
    upload now at lookbook! lol XD

  2. sumpah jadi pengen balik jakartaaaa. :( :( katanya kemaren sale 50persen yaaa hikssss. i missed it. :(
    outfitsnya lucuu, vestnya matching abis sama yang dibelakang ;) hohoho

  3. @ echi> hallo echi, thanz for the comment :)
    mang echi skrang dimna?? eh klo gk slah iyah d, tp ttep jah brang2nya mhal xDDD
    wah gk nyadar ternyata model di brakang pke vest juga xDDD